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Q&A with Cassandra Clare (writer of The Mortal Instruments books)


A few questions and answers

“Will Jemima dye her hair/wear contacts to play Isabelle?”
She will surely dye her hair. Contacts probably, but some people/actors can’t wear them (Daniel Radcliffe never could, that’s why Harry always had blue-green eyes, allergies I think) so I cannot make promises about stuff that is basically “the costume department’s decision down the road in connection with the actor’s physical limitations.” I am assured they will do everything they can to make the actors fit the physical descriptions in the book, where appropriate.

“What was Jemima’s audition like?”

Really good! She did a scene with Clary, but she also did the scene where she talks about Alec being gay — “I love my brother, I’d do anything for him, but I can’t help him with this” and was lovely and passionate. I was like, That’s damn right, you love your brother! He’s a good guy! She convinced me.

“Can you tell us any of the other actresses/actors that are auditioning for the other parts?”
I asked and — no, I can’t. It’s actually I believe against union laws. If the actors want to talk about it, they can, but I can’t talk about it for them.

“IMDB says Chris Riggi is playing Alec.”
That is not true. Anyone can edit IMDB. It is not reliable. Sometimes I think it is edited by mice…

“When will you be able to tell us about Alec?”
Would that I knew. Golf ball, I’m telling you. Still, when I return from Internet purgatory, you can’t say it isn’t DRAMATIC!

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